Architectural services offered by Jeremy Kingan Architect including design, detail and supervision.


The usual services that I offer are for the design and construction of buildings. The building may be a house or a hotel, a renovation or retail fit-out. The process is the same and always provides more than an obvious solution to the current question. Ecologically sound and thermally economic design continues to be a formative part of all work. 



A brief is a discussion about the needs and aspirations of the client.
This is not always clear at the first meeting so a Preliminary Design is a way to clarify what is wanted and what is not. For me, it is an initial response that considers the client and the site. This first concept may change considerably before a design is finalised.

Developing ideas from the reaction to the preliminary design, checking with consultants and local authorities; this process is the Developed Design. At the conclusion of this step there are drawings that all agree describe in general what is to be built. The drawings show the location, size and shape of the buildings and what materials are to be used. A preliminary check on the budget is also possible at this time



Drawings, reports and specifications are required to obtain Resource Consent and Building Consent from local authorities. For contractors to accurately price and complete the building to the satisfaction of the client and architect, the project is documented in more detail. Together, the client and architect select finishes and fittings to complete the contract documents.



Architectural supervision ensures the building is completed to a high standard. The architect regularly inspects the building contractor’s work and advises the client on the validity of payment claims and variations by the contractor. The architect is not the project manager and is not responsible for progress or the methods and order in which the contractor approaches the work.


The basis for the fees are agreed by the client and the architect when the scope of the work is clear. The fees may be at an hourly rate, a percentage of the project cost, or an agreed sum. 
Fees are due for payment on completion of each stage of the design and documentation. Supervision fees are paid at the same time as contractor’s progress claims.


Should consultants - engineers, planners - be required they will be engaged on the client’s behalf and paid directly by the client.